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Welcome to Brad Carter Media Services!

If you're interested in film making, editing, special effects, 3D graphics, animation, music, web design & photography, then you're in the right place. If you like what you see, have any questions, or have a project that I may be able to help you with, Please email me: brad@bradcarter.co.uk

Showreel 2014/15

Direction, Filming, Editing, Visual effects, Motion Graphics, Animation, 3D Modeling, Compositing, Colour Grading, Sound Recording & Music

Visual effects, Motion Graphics, Animation, 3D Modeling, Compositing and Editing Showreel for Production company WWJ Film and Motion.

A freelance filmmaker / Director
Based at Waldon White Jones for the last 7 years responsible for all things Film & Sound related.

Collingwood Short Film
An Introduction

An introduction and teaser trailer for my new short film Collingwood.

Written directed filmed and edited by myself, along with all visual effects and music.

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So What's Happening?

I have just submitted my entry for this years MY RODE REEL Short film competition.
Take a look and also check out the behind the scenes movie below.


Has now been submitted!

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Making of movie now finished

The making of "Abduction" my 3 minute short that runs in a parallel universe to the "Collingwood Movie" has now been submitted.

Project: COLLINGWOOD Screen shots from my new short.
Click to enlarge.

Photo realistic 3D modeling

We now offer unreal photo realistic CGI at very realistic prices!

Click the picture below to enlarge.

Stunt Flying

I've had the pleasure of building a new web site for my friends at stuntflying.co.uk one of Hollywood's finest stunt rigging specialists.

Click below to take a look.


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The movies below are just a few examples of recent work and some personal favourites.
They are all 720p HD quality and best viewed in full screen. Press play then click the arrows in the bottom right hand corner to expand. To see more movies please visit my YouTube and Vimeo Pages.

The Interrogator

Corporate Drama Trailer

A "fake" movie trailer created for a large international client as part of a Corporate Drama Cinema experience.

This was shown as part of a much bigger project to over 6000 of the clients staff in cinemas all over the world

VFX & Animation winter 2012

Visual effects, Animation, 3D Modeling & Compositing Showreel

Visual effects, compositing, animation and 3D modeling showreel.

Work mainly created for various clients of Advertising & Design Agency WWJ where I am proud to have been (and still am) the sole provider of all digital film and motion content for this excellent Essex based agency as "in-house" Director for the past 5 years.

Fairytales Music Video

Distant Sounds feat. Sydney Jo Jackson

Shot on location in one day

Filmed and edited by Brad Carter.
Directed by Brad Carter & Tony Byrne.

Music Video

Elle "A" / Amazing

Shot on location in one day

Filmed and edited by Brad Carter.
Directed by Brad Carter & Tony Byrne.

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Reasons to Choose Me

Who am I?

Brad Carter

An international playboy ex popstar & record producer turned Film maker, Director, Editor, Motion Graphics designer, Animation & VFX Compositor, Web and New Media Creative of course!

What do I do?

Brad Carter

Director, Filmmaker, Musician, Digital Designer Web and new media creative.
I provide visually engaging and effective digital audio visual content of the highest professional quality. Delivering creative ideas and digital solutions across multi media for promotional, marketing, entertainment and education purposes.



After studying Graphic design & Advertising my first band supported the Prodigy on their first major tour.

Chart success

Brad Carter

At the age of 21 I opened my first recording studio Platform 12 alone with a record label with the same name. The studio was busy and the label was doing well.
A short while later I started an new record label with partner and musical collaborator Chris Brown.
The band Ruff Driverz was born, with instant success earning six top 40 chart hits including the club classic "Arrola"



As my bands success grew i became more and more involved in the video filming process, taking in all elements and being lucky enough to work with and learn from some of the best professionals around.


movie editing

I've been editing with Apple's Final Cut Pro since it first became available around 10 years ago. Recent FCP X software developments have forced me and many other Editors to re-think their choice of editing software. These days I'm just as happy using premier Pro.

Visual Effects

brad carter vfx

Programme's used:
After Effects
Cinema 4D



And of course there is web design!
I've been a web design creative for the last 8 years.
I built myself this one, I can build yours too!

Get in touch

email: brad@bradcarter.co.uk

Corporate Movies

Brad Carter

Corporate movies have been around a long time, but as YouTube is now the worlds second biggest search engine after google, its never been more important to have a video presence online. After all, why tell people what you do when you can show them?
Did you also know that if your company movies are uploaded to to YouTube, your website is 50 times more likely to appear on the front page of a regular google search!
We provide affordable corporate films of the highest quality with creativity guaranteed whatever your budget.

Corporate Dramas

Corporate dramas

Corporate Dramas are a great way to deliver your company message. Whether you chose to use actors, your own staff or a mixture of the two we can write an original story based around your company. There is no better way to entertain your clients and staff while at the same time making your competitors green with envy!
And why not premier your movie on the big screen? The local cinema can be the perfect place to hold company conferences for staff and clients, and we have a close working relationship with two of the biggest cinema chains in the country. email me for more information.

Music Videos

Music video director

With a background in the music industry Directing, Filming & Editing music videos is where I'm most at home.
A good idea that compliments the song is more important than a big budget... Although a bigger budget gives more options, and I find I do my best work on sunny tropical beaches....
But back to reality. A good video is a must for any band whether you're Ed Sheeran, Coldplay or just starting out, a good video is just as important.

Viral Advertising


Get yourself noticed with creative and entertaining viral advertising that really works!
When it comes to viral advertising creativity is king; The idea has to be good enough to make people want to share, and pass it on to their friends ensuring your corporate or sales message is passed along with it.
Or you can just film a hamster doing something weird.
Get in touch to find out more and discuss ideas.



Documentary Film making and long term projects.
This type of film making can be very problematic and creates its own very unique set of problems.
You can often find yourself filming for hours on end with no reward, and then losing a vital shot that you didn't see coming. Preparation, order and the right equipment are key.
If you have an idea you would like to talk about please get in touch.

3D Animation & Visual FX

Motion graphics, 3D

Stunning visual effects, 3D renders & motion graphics.
Creative title sequences and professional broadcast standard special effects and 3D modeling. Top quality visuals and animation at affordable prices.



Over the years I've been lucky enough to work alongside some of the worlds most skilled and in demand stunt performers. We have built up a close working relationship, providing us with all sorts of bangs, smashes, high falls, a flying singer and an underwater guitarist. In between working on little films like Harry Potter, Captain America and Thor to name(drop) a few!


Brad Carter

Drama Filming and editing.
Our talented and experienced Producers can over see your whole project, from scouting locations to wardrobe and makeup. As well as ensuring the highest possible sound and picture quality.
On time and within your budget.

Actor Show reels

Actor Showreels

Actor Show reel Movies. We make sure you look your best.
Last year I filmed and edited 7 Actor Show reels for actor training & production company new town talent. This year I've directed, filmed and edited 5 more Actor monologues & show reels
Three of these actors have gone on to be cast in my professional work and I hope to be able to use more of them in the future.

Award winning record producer

23 years Music Industry experience as a record producer, remixer & DJ
Brad Carter has helped recording artists and record companies sell millions of records all over the world as a producer, remixer, engineer and programmer. From little known acts on the underground House Music & Club scene, to the Spice Girls, Sash! James Brown, & Mick Jagger.

He has also had major international chart success in his own right recording under the aliases of: SY-KICK, Ruff Driverz, 2000 BC, Juice Monkey & Arrola to name just a few. In 2004 he signed to EMI as a recording artist in his own right, for the first time writing and remixing as Brad Carter.

Featured Track

Brad Carter Feat Hugh Cornwall

Featured Track

Brad Carter Love come down

Featured Track

Brad Carter Sky cries your name

Production & Remixing

Brad Carter Remix

I can still be tempted to provide an occasional remix for the right project when the mood takes me, and enjoy writing original music of all genres for a variety of different corporate, film and TV projects.

Films and Soundtracks


I have written music & soundtracks exclusively for film in lots of different styles as well as having my commercial releases featured in a multitude of features, soundtracks, TV shows and adverts.

I can also provide Sound Design, Folly & Sound to picture.
Check show reels for examples.


music gaming

Music licensing & composition
Providing music for top games developers since 1999.

Find out More

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or have a project that you would like to discuss